VALENTIN – A brand with traditions in jewelry art.

Jewelry and accessories today are much more than a testimony of wealth and authority. They define our individuality and emphasize our style. This becomes the leading goal for the creator of brand VALENTIN, Valentin Mihailov in 1986. The brand combines a sense of beauty and a passion for elegance.

From then until today VALENTIN has established itself as the undisputed leader of the Bulgarian market of high-quality gold jewelry. Thanks to its modern production base and own store network, brand VALENTIN becomes the only jewelry brand in Bulgaria with a fully completed work cycle.

VALENTIN don't follow trends, we create them. Every year we develop new looks, we renew and expand our model range. We offer a line of investment jewelry with certified diamonds and gemstones. Our collections are distinguished not only by their design and own handwriting but also by exquisite details, turning the jewelry into true masterpieces of jewelry art.
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